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I was in the pub at the time of the riots this month, along with an old gentleman Harvey, whos only pleasure is golf. He said the protesters should be whipped at the time, etc etc etc. After a while, if I gain a few kilos a day after being invited by the caddy. He met me at the bar he was at all golf equipment and factory 4s. After a few holes, I lolastube asked him what he would be beaten protesters, said he would, on the horse and lolastube tanned hides them. I agree that a beating would have been good, and saw no one cried a good spanking spanking, and if I did not need money until you my ideas. I remember I looked back a moment and then asked if I was ready for a cane, said he had lost a couple of times and yes, he was. He made some shots of some bad and said he would give up, and we must return to his, while his wife was, and he beat and cane me. He did not say a word as he went back, onlyone cheek and then the other up the seat of the Jaguar back all wat. We came to him and entered the kitchen when he sat down and asked me again if I knew what I wanted, came forward and knelt down with a lolastube YES. He bought the hand very hard, my tingling bottom, I loved it and it was hard in no time. told me to stand up and take off my pants and underwear, as I had seen and gave a smile as he looked at my hard drive, then I was back on his knee, not young, who know one and then the other cheek, I was in heaven and my penis was fucking thighs. After a while, until I get up, I rubbed my cock hitting back dripping with sperm. He said that the fingers of my daughters and left the room, I leaned on my hands on his knees, was too much for my mt toes lol, even lolastube my butt was on offer that's all I knew. He returned with a garden cane say it is not the best but hes the best he has a lump on my lolastube cheeks, at the end, whileThere was next to me, then it is a pain in the swish and crack and how they reached their goal, which jumped to rub my ass, once again silly child, he said, so I did and stayed that way until I finished my butt was sore as hell, and he knew it, he said, now I knew I needed all the rioters. I stood up and rubbed lolastube the lolastube back of my cock wants explosion, he told me to look in the mirror in the bathroom while I bend down and shooting my semen straw came into the toilet bowl. I dressed and went back when I was in the kitchen that was waiting with two glasses of Guinness with my Cannie fee £ 20 on the side, he stood up and took me just talk as if nothing had happened, I left the new Caddy available that..... I can not wait to be honest
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